Celebrate Individuality

One fits all doesn't work anymore. What works for you is different from others. The future of beauty and Customized personal care is simplified and completely individual. That is the reason we start with you.

Because you are Special

We believe you should have ownership and preference with the products you use. We put your name on the bottles because they're formulated for you. We celebrate you as the special individual that you are and what you want - beyond your body, skin, hair type, goals, and preferences. We provide you with the best of the customized/personalized products for your skincare and hair care routine.

Why Freshistry

Freshistry, the best customized personal care online store in India was created as an answer to mass-produced products that were designed to cater to everyone but benefitted no-one. With customized skincare, body care, and hair care we are prioritizing every individual. Everything inside your Freshistry product has been thoughtfully formulated exclusively for you-from texture to ingredients-to provide exactly what you need and want for your best skin and hair ever. we firmly believe that what you put on your body should perfectly suit you.

Our Mission

To develop products with fresh, effective ingredients that are formulated by you and provide you real benefits.

Environment friendly

Through our made-to-order approach, our production process is designed to eliminate all forms of waste, thereby ensuring that our products don't cost mother earth. Also such a process gurantees optimal freshness as no product sits on a shelf waiting to be bought, a model that's actually a first for the beauty segment.

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